Quotes from My Brood

“I dreamed in chapters last night.”

“Will you blow my nose?”
“Mama, you need to wear a necklace and earrings, they look pretty on you.”  (And I did today.)

Zekey—EVERY night at bedtime
“Sometiiiiiiiime, I go to Emerson’s house.  Sometiiiiiiime, I go to Cott’s house.  Sometiiiiiiiiiime, I go to Elli’s house.”

2 thoughts on “Quotes from My Brood”

  1. My internet is SOO terrible……it won’t let me edit without waiting a gajillion minutes…..but above Ellie’s name should have an e at the end and Scott’s name shouldn’t not have an S…..because that is how Zekey says it.  =)

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