Crazy Day

I have an amazing husband, who persistently—in Spanish—-is talking on the phone trying to figure out why the internet isn’t working as well as it should at the speed it should.  TelMex came today to install it……the rain finally cleared up…after almost a week of it. And because we had to wait so many days and well 7 months…..we canceled a doc appointment for Chi in BA.  Brian has now been told we have to pay even more for a different package……and they are supposed to call us back on the new number that we got today.  The only thing is we borrowed a phone from the D’s that doesn’t have a working ringer.  He just walked out to buy a phone……I really hope he finds one quickly!!!!  So to keep all the noise down in the house and even outside of the house….they boys are watching tv.  Just normal voices are just TOO loud to try and figure out what the Spanish is being said on the other end. It’s so close and almost within reach……..

And our morning was quite a little adventure too.  Jil and I were taking our first trip…alone…to BA to meet with Wilma.  Jil did awesome driving on the highway that connects BA to La Plata, it was her first time driving on it.  And well you know…this isn’t like driving on Rt. 30…..or the Beltway around DC….or even 95 thru Philly……it’s much more aggressive and some people go 40mph and some people go 8omph……so you know it can be a little dangerous.  She did awesome.  We got to the first toll booth and the engine started smoking.  The guy at the toll booth asked us if we needed a mechanic….sweet of him.  We pulled over, called Rich….got the hood open and there was lots of steam and some greenish/yellowish liquid leaking.  So we waited for Rich and Brian and the kids to come get us.  Rich stayed with the car…..and waited for a tow…..but I think he ended up driving it home.  Right, Jil?  And the rest of us drove back and I got a phone call from TelMex saying they were on there way or something because I couldn’t exactly understand what he was saying. and as soon as we pulled up the TelMex van was at our house.  We were glad we didn’t miss him…..but I don’t know…this day still hasn’t worked out the way we were hoping.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Day”

  1. Wow! adventures. I have a headache just thinking about trying to deal with all of this in Spanish. Times like this are tough enough in English. I appreciate this though because it helps me understand what life is like in La Plata. We’re praying like crazy for the internet thing to work out. Can’t wait for a skype call!! 

  2. hope the stuff works out.  Crazy adventure you had with Jil, so glad you had it with a friend.  So glad Zeke is doing well with the potty.  I can relate to the little stress equals big stress times.  I hope you even out soon.  

  3. So glad you were ok in that car situation! I can definitely relate to crazy driving, cryptic phone calls, and the hassle of service calls. Hope you get your internet figured out fast.

  4. I hope things get figured out soon too and echo everyone else…can’t imagine trying to figure it out in Spanish too!  Adventures are so much better with a friend–glad you and Jil were together for the car issues!!  Praying for you guys!

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