We’ve started looking for new beds to buy for our boys.  We have three beds that are owned by the mission and in a little more than a week a team from our church will be here and the three beds we have need to be moved over to the duplex for beds for the team to use.  But every night and every day for nap, our boys want to sleep on the floor.  They ask EVERY day.  We sort of considered not buying beds and just letting them sleep on the mattresses on the floor.  =) 

I figured this morning would be a good time to study, Zekey was the only one home with me, Chi was at school and Elijah was with Brian trying to get the title for the Kombi(VW Bus)…..that’s quite the story, but not to be told right now.  So with only one kid around I figured it would be easier to study than with the three around…..so during a 2 hour period I was studying and Zekey was playing.  My crazy, curious Zekey boy…..he’s just non-stop curiousness.  How do people do it….go back to school while being a parent?  I’m just trying to study and memorize some Bible stories in Spanish…and it has been nearly impossible with this kid around.  So….within those 2 hours, he carried a folding chair over to the kitchen counter, unfolded it, climbed up on the counter and made a watery mess on the counter and floor with the water holder….what is that thing called?  You know, an upside down bottle of water into a base that has a little lever to push up to let the water out.  Soon after he carried the chair to the bathroom and unfolded it and tried to grab stuff off of the top of the bathroom cabinet.  Later, he got into the empty fabric softener bottle…and dumped out several drops and tried to spray the empty bottle of stain remover.  He climbed on top of the washing machine.  Then he climbed up the gate of one of our doors…..the glass part of the door was opened and so the gate was exposed.  He climbed on top of the kid’s activity table and grabbed at the wire clothes drying rack hanging from the ceiling.  He climbed all over the kitchen table while I tried to study.  He went outside and played for awhile and didn’t get into anything as far as I know.  He moved the chair to the bookcase to get toys from the top shelf that Chi and Lijah place there to keep away from Zekey.  He moved the chair to where the laptop rests on a cabinet in the kitchen and played with some buttons. And when he went poopy and pee-pee on the potty he REFUSED to let me wipe him and insisted on wiping and getting dressed(or not getting dressed so he can run around naked).  He insisted on taking a bath and even went into the bathroom to turn the water on and climb in with his clothes on.  He’s something else.  He’s taking a nap right now, I need to go study so I can be ready for some more curiousness when he wakes up. 


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  1. Wow! How do YOU do it? Orion is none stop activity these days but lucky for me he’s not climbing things yet. Loved this recap and the image it brought to mind made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, sounds like you both needed a nap after that! One thing I have learned after a few years of teaching Bible lessons in French: memorizing the whole thing is really hard. I try to be as familiar as possible with an outline that I create; keeping the storyline simple. Then, I can glance down at my outline(without reading it too much) if I forget what to say next–much easier, and still allows you to have eye contact with the kids.

  3. I always wonder how parents go back to school with young kids too??  Zeke is a climbing maniac!!  Sounds like studying over naptime was the best option…it’s the only way I get things done too : )

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