Where do I begin?

Little tidbits…..that’s all that can be conjured up tonight.

Brian makes a great clown.  Today was his first time being one at an Hora Feliz..

The boys have new beds and a new arrangement in their room. 

I’ve rediscovered my love for reading.  I think I’m on my 8th book this year.(5 nonfiction, 3 fiction).  I think I read like one last year….well, I was studying another language.

We’ve played with the little girl from upstairs two times now.

Our neighbor just told us we need to buy a boxer puppy, with three kids and all, we need some fun and some protection.  I’m not ready for a pet as of yet.  The snails and bugs and ants are company enough.

Our building has an upstairs apartment, an upstairs unfinished apartment, our downstairs place and a corner store that has been empty since we’ve been here.  There’s a store going in there to sell meat and maybe some veggies too.  They’ve been pounding away and fresh cement and new outside lights were put in today.

We had our first Argentine friends over last Saturday for an Asado.  The rain made us cook it in the oven, but we had fun playing the Wii and staying up till 2:30.  Two of my kids crashed around 2 on the couch, but Elijah was still awake and playing with their two kids until they left.  He’s our little night owl.

Malachi taught us the spanish version of  “I Spy with my Little Eye” this morning at breakfast.  I’m learning new things from that boy all the time!

Elijah is silly and frequently tries to make people laugh.  He even tries to come up with his own jokes.

And Zekey is…well….He’s Zekey and has picked up a new nickname from the Go Team….Bam-Bam. 


One thought on “Where do I begin?”

  1. Love this! Hurray for play time with the little girl upstairs! Bam-Bam, love it! I knew Elijah would be the comedian! He is going to be so good at it too. Maybe Chi can teach Orion a spanish song on Skype some day…. 🙂 I’m trying to learn “que linda” I think that is the name of it. I heard it in Paris, Je t’aime, go figure.

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