Because I’m Giddy…..

Most of you are fb users too, but just thought I’d mention it on here too.  We have lots of ants in our place, and  well every place I’ve lived in for the past 3 years has had ants. I’ve tried various natural things to get rid of them, but nothing has ever worked.  Usually they are really tiny ones and I’d spray them with some kind of cleaner spray and they’d die instantly and I’d wipe them up…..sometimes a gazillion times a day.  So I just tried baby powder on ones that are outside going into a hole in the cement and I’m sure their lair is under the foundation of our house, they frequently come up through our loosely fit together wooden floor board planks.  These are the bigger kind (maybe carpenter ants) that carry leaves and somewhat stay in a line but tend to wander too and don’t die when you spray them with cleaner.  But they are TOTALLY staying away from the hole that I sprinkled with baby powder.  They’re experiencing chaos and it’s been entertaining to watch them, they’re looking for another way in.  So, we’ll see if this works with the little ones, we’ve been free of them for several months now since it’s been cold, but it’s getting warmer and they’ll be back soon.  I’ll keep you posted.  =)

And Vinegar is phenomenal.  I’ve been using it on mold  spots we frequently get in our place after it rains….we’ ve had a lot of rain the last few months.  The mold comes right off, well the surface mold at least.  Yesterday I tried vinegar on my clothes.  I sweat a lot and frequently have bad bo (hope that isn’t tmi…although if you’ve been around me I’m sure you’ve smelled me.).  I put it straight on the armpits of my shirts and then washed them.  Some of them that worked fine and then others I soaked for several hours in vinegar and water.  It is magical, it worked!  This is brought new life to my stinky clothes and to me too!  I feel like I have a new wardrobe! 

Some cute things from the boys……

The other day Brian let the boys watch a video about Larry Bird’s life and basketball career.  My boys LOVE basketball videos.  After watching, Elijah told Brian he wants to go visit Larry Bird in French Lick and draw a picture for him.

Last night while Zekey was sitting on the potty, we had this conversation
Z: I no big boy, I little
me: What? You’re little?  But you ARE a big boy, you are going pee-pee in  the potty.
Z: No, I big boy when ride big boy bike.  I ride little boy bike.  Sometime I big boy.


2 thoughts on “Because I’m Giddy…..”

  1. No such thing as TMI, especially when it brings entertainment to others, Ha!  :)I love vinegar too, I put it on stains on the kids clothes and it always get them out..woohoo!I’m impressed with Elijah…I know for sure I’m too old to still giggle when saying, hearing, or reading French Lick.Here’s to baby powder kicking some ant hiney!!  We have the tiny ones now so I’m going to try it on them too.

  2. oh, by the way, I finished making mocasins, killing some type of bird in my backyard for feathers for my headdress, and I’m getting ready to plant corn and tobacco…your so right, look out church festival, there’s a new cheif in town!   And now friends that don’t know me are emailing you to ask…who’s the weird chick?  🙂

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