My Dreams

In light of my new found self, I’ve been thinking of dreams I’ve dreamed the last 20 years and have often been too fearful of mentioning to anyone………..for fear of someone suggesting I follow through on any of them.  So since I know I may never follow through on any of these….I think I’m ready to mention my dreams.

1.  attending some form of professional dance academy and performing with them
2. owning my own dance studio
3. being a professional photographer….dealing with nature or humans in a non-posed manner
4. writing and illustrating a children’s book (the illustrations wouldn’t be drawings or paintings, but more with paper of differing textures and colors and tearings etc.)
5. taking some basic drawing and painting classes….I’ve never taken any form of art classes outside of elementary or middle school
6.  teaching myself how to play the guitar
7. learning how to sew with a sewing machine
8. leaning how to quilt
9. learning how to knit
10. making jewelry to sell…I’ve dabbled in this and really enjoyed it
11. having a store or travel to craft shows to sell things I make and use proceeds to go towards some kind of something significant that I value…ie..orphan care, national church-planters, disaster relief
12. operating a cafe…with yummy recipes I’ve found and there are too many to mention, but when I find a yummy recipe it goes into my mental catalog of things I’d make If I owned a cafe oh yeah, and decorating the cafe with photos I’ve taken or things I’ve made…with warm colors and big comfy sofas
13.  owning a house from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and renovating it(well, maybe)….I’d want it to have a big porch with a porch swing and all the original woodwork, and wood floors and a fireplace….(the Madison house would be a perfect fit into this category)…and it being near a water source…the ocean, a bay, a river
14. visiting all the national parks in the United States….especially Yosemite and Joshua Tree would be two of the top priorities
15. traveling anywhere in the world that either has old buildings and ruins to admire or beautiful natural sites
16. planting and maintaining my own veggie and herb garden
17. making scrapbooks for all three boys and one for Brian and I too
18. fluently speak and understand another language (this is taking a while)
19. being a part of something bigger than myself that brings about spiritual and social change to the Glory of God(something I hopefully am involved in now)

Okay, back to reality.  Gotta go accomplish some things today.  =)


4 thoughts on “My Dreams”

  1. #4 made me want to tell you that my aunt and uncle wrote and illustrated a children’s book in their 50’s (after their former, lifetime careers), a longtime dream of theirs. My aunt did the illustrations with tissue paper (that she actually painted) like the Eric Carle illustrations. You may have actually seen this book at Christa’s, but I thought it might encourage you that sometimes some of these dreams do actually happen, eventually!

  2. (I tried to comment on this before, but xanga wasn’t working right.)  First I’m so glad you made this list.  It’s so cool to see your dreams.  and like Christa, I would love for you to teach Wrigley.  She was dancing last night to Creed and loving it.  I’d also love to do #15 with you.  

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