Can you here me screaming from down here?

I’m sick of the rain…outside and inside.

I feel like a caged bird and NEED to get out.

I will get out….Friday starts a vacation time for us. 

The VW Bus has been in our possession since Saturday.  We hope it stays with us….working.

After 7 months, Zekey is ringworm free.

I’m about to finish my 10th book this year.

My body loves a challenge and is still enjoying the New York City Ballet workout DVDs. 


5 thoughts on “Can you here me screaming from down here?”

  1. I’m sorry you have cabin fever. (Did you venture out to buy some of those yummy frutillas?) I haven’t been able to move the last few days, so being stuck inside hasn’t been as hard for me.  But YAY for vacation!! It will be so good for you.  We were just talking about Rich’s ringworm today and he said he thinks his is finally gone too 🙂  Lola’s revenge has finally ended.

  2. Yay for ringworm gone and for vacation time.  I hope it’s refreshing and freeing.  Sorry about the rain.  I felt like a caged bird twice in my life…then I broke up with a guy and felt much better  😉

  3. Thinking of you and hoping you get out and about soon, in your own van!  and in response to your list of dreams that you posted the other day, I think they are fabulous and I think you can do anything you set your mind to.  I love the idea of a cafe, and the children’s book….I was thinking you would be perfect to write a book about kids adjusting to a new culture/country or kids learning a new language in a new place.  You have first hand experience with that!  Praying for you Tara!

  4. I am so glad you guys are getting a vacation too…hope it is wonderful, relaxing & just what you guys need!!  That is awesome about no more ringworm!!  Those ballet DVD’s sound really great for you, I’m so glad you have them & hope they can be an outlet for you…maybe you can have a dance class in Argentina, like you did for art camp at UH : )

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