Can you hear my big sigh?

I just realized when I typed the title and the other title from my previous post reappeared that I mispelled “hear”….oh well.

Well, I think I finally feel a little bit more relaxed.  We have had some great beach days, a few trips to play arcade games, a few dinners out, a day trip to Mundo Marino, some walks to the park, some naps, games of jenga, some new shells and pine cones collections, and have read some books.  We’ve also had some sickness….Zeke had a stomach virus or something and Chi and Lijah had some kind of bad cough, sore throat and congestion, nothing too terrible from keeping us from going out.  I have a bladder infection….and thankfully could just walk into the pharmacy and ask for an antibiotic for it.  SO great not to have to get a script from a doc. 

Tomorrow’s our last day….big sigh.  I’ve loved falling asleep at night hearing the ocean waves lapping and the constant smell of the ocean air.  There are so many big pine trees and other fragrant flower trees; I’ve enjoyed all our windy, sandy walks and lazy mornings and…….well, it’s just been wonderful.


4 thoughts on “Can you hear my big sigh?”

  1. I’m so glad it’s been wonderful.  That makes me very happy.  Sorry it’s just bout over.  Not sorry it’s almost my turn, but sorry for yours to come to an end.  I’m glad it looks like it will work out for you guys to have the car and come down next week.  

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