I don’t have a title for this post

If you could see my legs, you’d see horizontal stripes.  Tan from the toes to the middle of my shins, white from the middle of my shins to my knees, tan from the top of my knees to the middle of my thighs and white from the middle of my thighs to the tops of my legs.  And if you saw my back…..the blotchy tan would look like I have some kind of skin disease.  Luckily the kids didn’t get burned at all and have a little bit more color, the putting on of sunblock took about a half hour every morning and was well worth it.  =)

While we had the car yesterday, we went to the store and got groceries.  Bought a Christmas tree and lights(the Go Team just brought down a small box of our ornaments and stockings and some cookie cutters and some craft things), a little swimming pool….well the biggest one we’ve owned, but still little, and then took our two fans that were new 9 months ago to a store to get them fixed…..because they died on us in April.  We took two rubbermaid tubs of clothes to be washed at a laundry service.  It was 6 loads….wash, dried and folded for a little less than  20 dollars. This is the first time we’ve done this…..and I am so thankful we did.  It would take well over a week to dig out of the laundry with it being rainy and damp and cool…..those clothes would have taken forever to dry!  Brian also rented some movies and got ice cream.  But He and Elijah are on their way back to San Clemente to drop the car back off for the D’s and then they’ll use two of the bus tickets to come back today.  There’s a story in there that I’m not gonna write about.  Don’t mean to leave you hanging, but it isn’t my story to tell.  =)  We’ll all be celebrating T-Day together here in La Plata on Thursday.

When we got back to our house after two weeks of absence, there were dead ants all over the floor.  And sooooo much dust and just yuckiness.  I’ve cleaned a little here and a little there, but will mop and start wiping everything down later today.  The mold……ugh, I just wish it would stop raining long enough for me to clean it up and not have to re-do it in a week’s time.  I have found some more uses for vinegar…..I’ll make a list.

Uses of Vinegar
1. clean mold
2. get out stains in clothes   ie. stains from sweat, any food or grass stain or dirt stain or poop stain
3. Soak pee and poopy clothes in vinegar, to get out smell and stain
4. Clean up pee or poop on the floor with vinegar
5.  Place small bowl of vinegar in fridge to get out stinky smells
6. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer….so any stinky smell that is lingering….it will get rid of(well, at least vinegar is a better smell than stinky trash or stinky toilet paper pail)
7. Use to clean fruits and veggies
8. Use to clean any surface…..counter tops, discoloration in wood(except if the wood has water damage), floor…haven’t tried it on carpet…..but if I had it…I’d use it to clean on that too
9.  Use it as a fabric softener in the washer
10.  Soak sippy cup lids in it to get out the crud
11.  It is supposed to be good on hair to get out buildup from hair products….haven’t tried that yet.  =)

Okay that’s all I can think of now.  It is the miracle household cleaner!

It was nice to be in a much nicer place for vacation and not have to worry about cleaning so much…….no bugs(we’ll a few ants), no mold, and only sand we tracked in to sweep…and the mound of food that end up on the floor.  But it was a great break from our place full of dust and roaches, ants and spiders and and cobwebs and ants and ants, and mold and leaking roof, and dust, and dust………

I know there is no cohesive flow to this post….not that any of my posts are clearly written.  But I’m just writing what comes to mind.

So at Wal-Mart yesterday, there is a Christmas display…..it was fun to see and exciting.  It’s spring right now, and we haven’t been watching a lot of TV and don’t shop much….so it was fun to be reminded that Christmas is coming….even though nothing “feels” likes it should be that time of year.  So, yesterday I started thinking about presents(yeah, usually I already have some kind of plan in motion) and planning some things we’ll be making this year.  I like having kids and making presents for people, it’s so much more fun than having to go to a store and find something….that is usually meaningless and you wonder if it is even something they’ll like.  Anyway….trying to find things to make with supplies we already have has been a challenge. But we’ll manage all the same. 

I am giddy….I found frozen blueberries and frozen blackberries yesterday!!!!!!!!!  I’m salivating thinking of all the muffins and scones that will be made!

Wednesday a VW Bus(Kombi) expert is coming to look at ours to tell us exactly what damage has been done to the motor.(We tried to take it on our vacation and it broke down on the way there and we had to tow it back and take the bus…I think all of you know that, but just in case.)  We are sad we didn’t find this guy months ago……but somehow this story will work out….we hope and pray…..whether that means it can be fixed rather cheaply or we sell it and save to buy another car……we’ll see.  We really need a car…..and the lack of it has been one of the main stressors in our lives.  We bought the Kombi….because it was cheap, and it was a dream to own one and because there is lots of room in it to grow….or to carry others.  But…it just hasn’t worked out the way we’ve wanted it to!!!!!!!  

While on vacation I read “Little Women”.  It was such a wonderful virtuous book.  I started it in college for my Children’s Lit class….we had to read 100 kid’s books and 2 of them were children’s novels.  I chose this one but it was so long and had to stop so I could read something a little more quickly(I read Little House on the Prairie, I read all of those as a kid and I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time then and loved it!!! ) I loved Little Women then, but just never took another chance to read it.  It’s a movie I watch every year while wrapping Christmas presents….so the movie is very familiar to me, but incredibly different than the book, the book gives SOO much more depth to each character. And the ending of the book is just so perfect.  Then I started to re-read The Poisonwood Bible…..and that has been a very different read this time around.  It’s given me a different perspective while living in another country.  I’ve had to put it down at times because it was just so depressing to me.  Yes, I will finish it, but not as quickly as I finished Little Women. 

Mom and Tony are coming for a visit!!!  They’ll fly in on December 4th and be here for a week.  We are all so excited! 

Okay….gotta go do some cleaning.


2 thoughts on “I don’t have a title for this post”

  1. love hearing all your thoughts…so sorry that you have a constant battle with mold, dust, bugs….  I am also somewhere in Poisonwood Bible.  Really am praying that God works things out for the Van.  

  2. It’s so great to hear an update from you!   So glad your mom & Tony can come for a visit…how fun!  You are becoming the expert on vinegar, I never had any idea there were so many uses for it.  I’m really glad that there are though for you with all the cleaning….I’m sorry it has to be done so often!   Praying for the bus situation too.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating together & have fun decorating : )

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