So today I FINALLY sat down with Malachi with the sole purpose to get him to read.  We used the first set of BOB Books…..which introduces short vowels and different beginning sounds and some sight words.  He did great….really great.  He read through 3 books!  Amazing!

And Ezekiel decided it was time to swing himself on the swing today at the park.  (And he’s outgrown another pair of shoes… pair of 10’s are too tight….the others will soon be too small too.  Elijah is barely growing out of the size ahead of Zeke before they end up on Zeke’s feet.)

No real milestone for Elijah, except he’s climbing away on the monkey bars and trees.  Today while on the monkey bars, all the boys were playing Captain Hook, Smee and the crocodile….it was all really cute but ended in an argument.  That’s how most pretending or games end up in our household. 

4 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. Size 10?!?!  Wow.  They are going out of shoes fast.  It makes me feel better about the cold winter here knowing that people that I care about are having summer and climbing around playgrounds right now.  🙂

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