Encouraged and Thankful

We have our gas back on!    Yippee!  Okay, after I wrote all that, I thought I’d explain about the coffee……I have a coffeepot that I don’t use anymore because it makes terrible coffee.  So, I make coffee on the stove now…..grinds on the bottom, water on top and boil it.  Ha, I could have made coffee in the pot, plugging it in this whole week, I forgot about it!  It does make terrible coffee, but still, if I would have remembered I could have had coffee this week. 

We went to the ER this morning to see a doctor.  Malachi had a fever this morning, 102.6 under the arm.  He does have an ear infection, gotta go pick up some antibiotics.  We had Elijah and Zekey checked out for the continual loose bowels and she said it should pass soon.  And we won’t be swimming in the river anymore, because we do believe that it is the cause for all of our sickness.  Okay, let me tell you though, that there were TONS of people swimming in it….but yeah, not us ever again. 

And this morning after a visit to the doc, we stopped at McDonald’s to play and eat lunch(the boys were acting like they felt fine and dandy and I don’t think we are contagious).  We got there when they were still serving breakfast and I had a BAGEL!  Its been about a year since my last one and McDonald’s serves them with CREAM CHEESE!  And I had a coffee too, it was delicious.  I didn’t make any this morning because the gas guy came by right before we left for the doctors.  It was perfect timing or we would have missed him.  When we walked into McDonalds, the boys immediately said while holding there arms, “It’s cold in here!!!!”  It was the most a/c we’ve felt this summer.  It was very refreshing, but I was shivering and had goosebumps after about a half hour of sitting in it.  =) 

And Zekey just went potty and it was definitely  firmer.  Today has been a much better day. 


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