A Great Visit with Family

We had a great week with Mom and Tony. It was sad to say goodbye. The boys had a blast and soaked up all the attention from their Grammy and Grandaddy.

We did a few day trips and did a lot of hanging out at our place. They brought us gifts from Christmas. Some of the really special gifts were some costumes made by Grammy, a quilt for Zekey to match his brothers’….also made by Grammy and our wedding album. We just never got one all these years and my mom graciously spent hours putting one together. I’ll take some shots of it to share for another post, but it’s great to have one.

And the boys finally seem to be better. We’ve had well over three weeks of sickness…..different ones.  Elijah and Zeke had some kind of virus last week, with fevers for about 5 days.  There are no more fevers, but Zeke is still complaining of stomach aches.  I’m still trying to figure that part out.  Having sick kids can definitely get discouraging……restless nights, whiny days and well, each and every one of you know what I mean.  I’m ready for the sickness to be over for awhile.  It’s also been discouraging to have so much rain…..we’ve had LOTS of rain.  It’s canceled several weeks of showing movies in the villa, and makes us stay inside a lot.  And puts a damper on drying clothes outside, and is using up all my towels to dry up wet spots all over our floors.  We NEED some sunshine!

Here’s some pictures from our time with Mom and Tony….we miss them already:



2 thoughts on “A Great Visit with Family”

  1. Somehow I missed this post : )  It sounded and looked like you guys had such a good visit…I’m so glad!!  And, can’t wait to see pics of your wedding album!!  I’m excited for you guys that you have one now…I remember looking at pictures and talking about it in Philly.  Hoping the boys are feeling even better and you’ve been having some sunshiney (my made up word) by now!

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