Another Year Older

I’m another year older, and this year I feel my age more than ever before.   Life has taught me a lot this last year….about myself, my husband, my kids, my God….and so much more.  I’m starting to get more comfortable with who God’s made me…..accepting my strengths, realizing and working on my weaknesses and relying on God so much more each day.

Today the boys got a much needed haircut, in the last 6 weeks Brian stopped by the barber 5 times and it was closed every time.  Today we passed by it to see if it was opened….and it was and we dropped our other plans to get all four of them much needed cuts!!!  This was Zekey’s first barber cut, he was bribed with candy to sit in the chair and it worked, he sat there just great. 

All the boys’ school supplies were bought today, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as it was last year.  They start school next Monday…..Kindergarten for Elijah and First Grade for Malachi. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I am feeling better after meeting their teachers last week.  And I am super excited for the huge amount of space for them to run outside.  Elijah’s class and the younger ones play outside a lot….they need hats and OFF.  I’m so, so happy for the huge green land to be run on!  Malachi asked me where the toys were in his classroom…..hmmmm, I explained he was in a big boy classroom now.  I’m not expecting a smooth week next week, but would be in awe if the adjustment wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’m thinking it could be.  Anyway….I’ve just been praying a lot for them. 

Mom and Tony gave me some birthday money when they visited, I’m excited to spend it on some new music.  I’ve been searching and listening and am so excited to get some new stuff.  I think the last time I bought music that I really enjoyed was my senior year of high school when I bought Jars of Clay’s first CD…..I loved it and loved their acoustical sound.  Most of our other music has been given to us or suggested to us by my brother or by Rich(all their suggestions have been great).  It’s been fun to be on my own quest of finding music that I really like and enjoy…….some that has hit me just right has been Gillian Welch,  Ida, Wilco(that one I knew was a hit w/ the E’s so I checked them out and really liked their sound), Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell,Woody Guthrie, The Byrds,  Elizabeth Cotten, and then some incredible folk kid’s songs by Elizabeth Mitchell, Lisa Loeb, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Pete Seeger and They Might Be Giants.  And don’t be fooled, I’ll be listening to the kid’s music even when they are not around….it is just that good.  =) 

Our quest for a new place has not been successful, but we have a lead on a three bedroom just a few blocks away with a yard and a covered car port.  It is being painted right now and the realtor will let us know when it can be seen.  We’re really trying not to get our hopes up, but it is getting more and more difficult to wait without seeing it and ruling it out!!  Patience is one of those things I’ve had to learn a lot  this year…….which isn’t a bad thing.  =)   And with that patience God is teaching me contentment……..He says in His Word, I can do all things through His strength, so he can give me the strength to stay in this place.  I hadn’t really gotten to that point of even accepting contentment……until just a few days ago.  He is BIG enough to find us another place, BUT he is also BIG enough to give us the strength to stay here and endure it.  I don’t mean to over-simplify….or sound super spiritual….it is just where I am at in this journey. 

My boys are playing outside right now, I made them play out there.  Just like you all have had crazy amounts of snow, we’ve had CRAZY amounts of rain this season.  We haven’t gotten to play outside or go to parks as much as I’d like.  Because there’s been so much rain, the mosquitoes are so plentiful and breeding all the time.  So….even if it is dry enough to play outside, you are swarmed even with OFF on…..anyway…they are out there right now…looking for snails, and potato bugs, and earthworms.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.  I love that they love digging in the dirt for all those things.  They’ve killed several chirping crickets in our place the last few days and they aren’t afraid of the huge cockroaches anymore.  When they see on in our house, they immediately run for a shoe to kill it!  I like nature, but would prefer not to have roaches in my house.  Kill away boys! 

Off to the park…’s not raining today!  And to dinner with my boys.  I love ’em all more and more everyday. 


3 thoughts on “Another Year Older”

  1. So fun to read your upbeat post!  Sounded like a nice birthday with the all the boys…I’m so glad!   Thanks for sharing all your thoughts about what God is teaching you right now…I found myself reading and thinking some of the same things myself, especially with learning how He’s been teaching me to be comfortable with who He made me to be.   I’ll be praying for the boys & you guys as they start school next week…it’s amazing how fast they really are growing up, isn’t it?  I find myself tearing up at times more frequently lately and just wanting to soak in every moment.  You quest for music sounds fun too, hope you find some music that is fun and you really enjoy!!    Praying for house-searching, but cool to hear how you are growing in contentment….I have so much to continually learn in that area!

  2. I hope the rain stayed away and you had a wonderful birthday.  How crazy that it’s been a whole year since you guys have been in Argentina.  It feels like it’s been forever.  I’m glad that your learning so much about yourself and everyone in the midst of these stretching times.  You’re a wonderful lady. 

  3. Great to read this. Hooray for boys when you have bugs around…I love that you have several kiddos ready to kill them. I am tougher than all my kiddos. So good to hear about what you are learning right now. I’ll be praying about the boys in school! 

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