My expectations weren’t too high…….

Today our morning began at 6am.  We don’t start mornings that early around here.  We (along with the E’s) had an appointment today to get our Argentine documents for 9am.  We had all the paperwork ready for it.  We got to Buenos Aires sometime after 8am, parked the car in a garage, walked to the building we were supposed to go to and there was a sign on it that said to go to another building.  We asked where it was…..about 12 blocks away, so we all got in taxis and headed to the other location.  Got there a little before 9am.  Passed through several check points with our appointment card and got in line to get our DNI’s(those are the country ID’s everyone has in AR) to enter a huge tent—like one of those huge activity tents you’d see at an outdoor event or a fair, it did have walls.  The guys waited in line, Jil and I and the kids sat in some seats.  Rich gets to the front of the line and he has all the correct paperwork and got another number for each member of their family to go to the next step of getting the documents.  Brian gets to the checking all our papers person and we couldn’t go through to the next step, because the papers that we have to show our proof of address are older than one year…….just 7 days older(Feb. 18, 2009)….but more than one year old nonetheless.  So, we have to go back to the office here in our barrio in La Plata and get proofs of address for each person in our family and then go next Wednesday for another try.  Sadly, our appointment is in the afternoon, that is just the third day of school.  UGH!  Our boys will have to miss it.  They have to be at the appointment with us. 

Rich told us the Starbucks was close to where the car was parked.  We went, it was magical.  My bagel and cinnamon dolce latte was delicious.  I mean a HUGE cup of coffee cannot be found in this country….but Starbucks is GREAT for a huge cup of coffee.  It was so, so yummy.  Then we walked through a mall……a real mall…with a roof and stores.  Stores that we bought nothing from, but stores.  The mall had an awesome kid’s play area with lots of blocks like legos for the boys to build with.  It was a great treat.  Then we walked down the walking street full of stores to get to the car.  We stopped at two different shoe stores to get shoes for Chi.  Didn’t find anything that fit.  We’ve looked at some places in La Plata, and also didn’t find anything.  Tomorrow we’ll go to downtown La Plata and hopefully find something…..that fits, that is a sneaker, and that isn’t some ugly color. 

Oh, and we saw that three bedroom house the other day.  It was smaller than our place now……but with a HUGE yard and a little extra room/laundry room outside.  The yard was awesome, but the house was just too small. 

Just got back from doing the English Class (with Deb) with a group of girls.  Brian and the boys are gone to the park with Pablo and his kids.  I have a whole house to my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I’m gonna go enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “My expectations weren’t too high…….”

  1. So glad for the cup of coffee and bagel.  Really Sorry about the paperwork delay.  Glad you had not high expectations.   The kids start school on Monday?  wow.    I noticed that you said to someone somewhere that you’d be back in the US in 10 months?  true?  When you are back, how long will you stay?  

  2. @crabtrees – yes, we’ll be back at Christmas time for our home ministries.  I have no idea how long we’ll stay….we’ll have more support to raise.  And….well the question of coming back is still up in the air….because of support issues for all of us. 

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