Big Changes

Last night we finally showed a movie in the villa….the kid’s version of the Jesus Film.  It was a great night!  My kids were into the movie and asked SO many questions, the kids in the villa were really into the movie too and I tried to answer any questions the girls sitting with me asked.  =)  We handed out Gospel of John’s too and hope this will open up doors to reading God’s Word with some people. 

The kids start school tomorrow!  Yikes, it is already here.  We found some sneakers for Chi yesterday……the first sports store we went to and the first sneaker he tried on fit.  It wasn’t terribly expensive or ugly and it FIT.  I’m satisfied!  Tomorrow is a big day…..with some huge changes!!!!!!!!!!

And today I drove to Wal-Mart.  I’ve had a few driving lessons now that we have a car….and it is working…..I’ve had to take advantage of the time to learn a stick (Wait, do you all know we have the E’s old car?  It had some issues when Mom and Tony were here visiting, but it is working now……we love it when it works!!!!!!).  I drove with Brian and the boys in the car, I’m not ready for a solo run yet, and it went as well as it could have gone. On the way home, I stalled out when waiting for a turn, but there was no one behind me.  I still have some more practicing to do, but it is coming.  I can smell some more independence and freedom and the possibility of driving my own kids to school is just so daggone exciting to me.  It will make my role as mom more complete.


3 thoughts on “Big Changes”

  1. Glad the movie went well.  Did I ever tell you about me rolling backward down Rody Hill in Aaron’s Manuel car?  Yep….I freaked out and ended up rolling backward down the hill and turning around and driving the other way up to Grace.   Yeah to taking the kids to school.  

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