1st Day of School

Today was a good day for both boys. I took Malachi into his classroom, Brian walked Elijah to his and both said goodbye with no tears. This morning I gave Elijah a kiss in his hand and told him to hold his hand close to his heart if he gets sad and to remember we love him and we’ll see him in just a few hours. When we picked him up and were waiting for Chi’s school to let out, he told us all about his day. He told us that he did get sad once and he held his hand to his heart to remember us. That was a very sweet moment.

And here’s some shots of the boys before school and a few of Malachi’s classroom(All the parents were allowed into the 1st grade classroom—Chi had a look on his face like, “what’s the big deal, the parents just need to leave, let’s just get on with it.”) and a few of Elijah after-school…..there were smiles all around. We’re praying for continued good days!



6 thoughts on “1st Day of School”

  1. Thank-you so much for your blog and pictures. It makes a Grammy smile. Your kiss in Lijah’s hand was precious and I’m sure very comforting for him. We will continue to pray all week. Love you all, Mom

  2. I’m so glad to hear it was a good first day!  Loved the pictures of the boys…they look so big!  That was a great idea for Elijah…did you get the idea from “The Kissing Hand?”  Thanks for posting pictures of their classroom too.  It’s funny what you said about Chi ready to get on with it…I wonder if that’s what Ethan will be like when he starts too?  Praying for a good rest-of-the-week!

  3. @crabtrees – The three younger guys have school from 1 to 5:30pm and Chi’s is 1 to 6pm.  The wait is a little annoying, but we can pick up the younger ones as late is 5:45….so it’s all good. 

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