Third Times a Charm, right?

On Wednesday, we went back to B.A. to turn in our paperwork to get our DNIs (our in-country IDs).  First, we stopped at the mall and ate some Subway (yeah, can you believe it????) and then went to the building of Migraciones.  We waited and waited, but just figured everyone was on their lunch break, since there were no attendants sitting behind the desks and no numbers were being taken.  Then the attendants all gathered in a circle and got back to their desks and a flury of numbers flashed on the number sign.  We got up to the desk and was told their system was down and we’d have to come back on Monday.  So, we’ll take our third trip on Monday.  Maybe we’ll pass by the Starbucks again.  We had frappucinnos this last time….yummy. 

Today Elijah told me that while at school, when his teacher asks him a question and he doesn’t understand her, he says, “QUE?”  (with much expression and volume…LOL)……which means “WHAT?”


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