I dropped  the boys off  and picked them up at school…..it all went well.  Before we left, Malachi said, “Mama, you are gonna drive us to school today.  We’ll make sure to be quiet while you drive.”  And for the most part they were quiet.  Zekey started something with Elijah, but we got it settled pretty quickly. 

Yesterday, we almost fully completed the steps to getting our in-country documents.  Everything was turned in and in process….except the new guy mis-typed my name.  He put in my married name and he was supposed to use my maiden name….yes, I’m Tara Susan Denise Fallin again…..so WEIRD to sign that again.  And so I have to make an appointment to go back to some other office and change it and then possibly go back to Migraciones to make sure it is changed and in process.  UGH!!!!  But, the rest of our family is in process. 

Brian’s flight made it to Columbus. His sister and nieces were skipping school today and meeting him in Columbus to shop for a shirt and tie(those are in storage in MD) and grab some lunch and then head to the viewing.  I’m so glad he gets to see them….and sad we don’t get to.  =(

And just reading all the various posts about the lives afftected by Dr. Plaster, it is amazing how much God used this one man to shepherd, encourage and lead so many lives.  There are countless numbers of men he’s met with through the years….counseling them through their disillusioned lives and leading those men to be leaders of truth.  And I love that this man did practical shepherding….like physically teaching these men to baptize.  Something he did with Brian and evidently did with many young men.  Many of you may not know the tale of Brian’s life, but God used Dave Plaster to save Brian from the miry pit, Brian’s sophomore year of college was leading down a dark path of throwing in the towel on Christ and life as he knew it. And through some orchestrated events only done by God,  Dave and Brian met every Wednesday night for 4 years.  This man’s life has changed the course of our family forever.  He married Brian and I 10 and 1/2 years ago and Elijah’s middle name is David after Dr. Plaster. He will be missed by so many. 



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  1. It was neat to hear the impact that Dave had on your family’s life. Rob and Nichole are our good friends. It has been an incredibly hard and fast few weeks for them. We miss them here.

  2. Sure sounds like you are making awesome progress with driving!!  That is so great!  I never knew Dr. Plaster personally, but have been praying for you guys & his family so much right now.  Those are beautiful pictures of him with Brian & the boys…praise God for how He used him in your lives!  We’ll keep praying.  My parents said they got to see Brian at the viewing tonight, wish we could’ve seen him too!!

  3. I do not think I will ever get used to just how difficult it is to get paperwork done in Argentina. Also, over the years I have heard many times how incredibly Dr. Plaster was used by God in so many young mens’ lives. I was so sad to hear of his passing. 

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