I Do, in fact, Live and Drive in Another Country

Driving is crazy here.  The other day on the drive home from the boys’ school,  annoyingly, I stalled out several times because there were SO many motorbikes(sometimes w/2 adults and 1-2 kids), bicyclists(sometimes w/ 1 adult and 1-2 kids), horse drawn carts, cars going 5mph, buses, and pedestrians in/on the road and going from stopped to first gear is SO difficult for me.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it.  I’ve squealed my tires many times to AVOID stalling.  And the traffic circles here don’t work anything like the states, they are pure insanity, but I’m getting it.  And really every intersection without a stoplight is stopational, which I now really like because I hate stopping while driving a stick….as I’ve already mentioned it is way too easy for me to stall out.  You just slowdown, look both ways and gun it through the intersection.  This whole last year, as Brian has driven us everywhere, every trip in the car I close my eyes several times and take deep breaths to try and relieve my stress.  Now I’m the driver and incessantly tell my kids that they cannot talk AT ALL and Zekey doesn’t like to follow that rule.  But we’ve survived, and I lecture the boys everytime we stop about how they have to stay quiet and not play with the seatbelts or windows or ANYTHING that makes any kind of noise in the backseat.  Oh to have those days of separation in a minivan, it kept fights down to a minimum.  =)

Brian flies out of Columbus on Monday and arrives on Tuesday.  We miss him, we’re ready to have him back. 

Tonight, while eating dinner at 7:30pm—which is WAY too early by an Argentine’s clock—-there was a knock at our door.  I answered it and discreetly kept the door semi-closed, so as to not show that we were eating dinner and that all my boys were in their underwear, I had this conversation with a neighbor lady……translation included.

Neighbor Lady:  Whatever happend to your dog last night?
Me:  We don’t have a dog.
Neighbor Lady:  Yeah, but I heard him crying all night.
Me:  We’ve never had a dog.  We don’t have any animals.
Neighbor Lady:  I heard him crying all night, right in there, in your gate.
Me:  We don’t have a dog.  Our neighbors upstairs have a dog (whom I didn’t hear at all last night.)
Neighbor Lady:  But I saw a dog under your gate. 
Me:  We don’t have a dog. 
Neighbor Lady:  Okay, well I’m sorry to bother you, I just wanted to make sure the dog was okay.

Bye-bye neighbor lady, who looks under my gate and when we first moved here, watched us pull up to our house(with our whole family) as she was looking in our gate and knocking on our door to make sure the baby that was crying in our house was not taken from it’s Mama.  Oh my goodness.  Bye-bye neighbor lady. 


4 thoughts on “I Do, in fact, Live and Drive in Another Country”

  1. Hilarious about the dog! I wouldn’t make it driving in that situation. I can’t stand for the kids to be annoyingly loud even in the minivan. I’m proud of you for doing it and keeping your cool most of the time

  2. Oh my goodness.  You have a crazy neighbor.  CRAZY.  Way to go on driving!!  I’m terrible at driving stick shift (and I’m in a country with driving lanes and roads that don’t have speed bumps every three yards).  Well done.  🙂

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