I’m Dying for Lack of Creativity

and spontaneity. So, I spontaneously went through some pictures I already have printed and started to scrapbook for Elijah’s book, for the first time in a year and a half. It’s very satisfying, but I NEED MORE THINGS TO CREATE!!!!!!! And I have to clean everything up and put it away. I’m still mentally rearranging and rearranging and rearranging our place to figure out a way I could have a creative space, but nothing has worked out yet…in my brain. I’ve recently been drooling over some knitting websites, I hope to some day dive into that. Honestly, whenever I see ANYTHING on ANY website that someone has made….I think I could do that. The death of not creating is very slow, and very painful, and draining, and discouraging and the lack of personal space to create is SOMETHING I have GOT to figure out. Because making two scrapbook pages isn’t gonna hold me over for another year and a half.

4 thoughts on “I’m Dying for Lack of Creativity”

  1. Do you knit? I wish I could teach you, if you don’t, and knit with you. It is great. I can relate with what you are saying! I hope you can find something very fulfilling and wonderful to do. If you ever want me to send you something from the US, please let me know. I would love to nurture this desire of yours because I understand!!!

  2. @broolee – Oh, you are so sweet!  I wish you could teach me too!!  I have seen stores here that sell yarn and I’m sure they must have knitting needles.  Any suggestions on needles or yarn?  

  3. Hey. I think it’s great if you can find some good yarn. My suggestions as to yarn and needles: Plain yarn is good to start with. It’s tempting to buy fun or furry or unique yarn, but it can be frustrating to learn with because you can’t see the individual stitches clearly and sometimes it’s hard to pull it out when you make a mistake because it snags on itself. So, to first learn, avoid the temptation of crazy yarn . Also, I’m assuming the knitting needles would be in European sizes, measured by the diameter in millimeters. You want something mid-sized. Too big or too small can also be frustrating. I would recommend maybe a size 5.5mm or 6mm and the people in the shop can probably suggest a yarn that would be good to start with the needles you choose. I hope that helps a little. Wish I could go with you! Some of my favorite memories with my best friend is discovering great places to get knitting and other creative supplies in Budapest and other countries. We still talk about a yarn shop we found in Belgium that we wish we could visit again! (sorry so long!)

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