She’s Back

Nosy Neighbor Lady came back for a visit today, in the middle of my sweaty work-out, she knocked on my door.  This time all she did was hand me the vent that had fallen out of the hole that vents our heater.  Thank you neighbor lady.  And she certaintly isn’t the nosiest neighbor we’ve ever had. Here’s a throw back story for you, circa fall of 2000, we were living in North Beach, MD.  We had two new puppies, Moe and Curly.  And every morning I’d put them outside on chains to do their business…..on opposite ends of the yard so that they wouldn’t get all tied up.  Every morning I’d see an old man from somewhere down the street walking his cat.  Yes…his CAT!!  Every morning I’d leave and Brian would wake up a half hour later and bring the puppies inside and feed them.  So, one night we both got home from work and found a citation from the Calvert County Sheriff’s office saying we were being cited for animal mistreatment because our puppies were left outside too long and their was “proof” of them trying to get away because of bite-marks on a wooden post.  WHAT?????  Does the Calvert County Sheriff’s office have nothing else better to do?  Does my neighbor who walks his cat every morning giving us the evil eye have anything better to do with his time than to call about leaving our dogs outside for a half hour all by themselves!!!!!  Okay, so we never knew who really called, but come on, it had to be the crazy guy who walked his cat, no one else laid an eye on us while we lived there.  Oh, and the bite marks on the wooden post were WAY too high for any of our puppies to have made them.  It was from the previous tenants’ dog.  Crazy, nosy neighbors.  And that non-sense was brought to you because I don’t have much of anything else to write about.  Well, it would be good to mention that Malachi lost his first tooth on Friday.  He was so excited and adorable about it all.  Brian’s made up a hilarious story about the Tooth Fairy and of course, the boys believe it……for now.  And Elijah went to a birthday party on Saturday.  The family let Brian stay since we are new to all this…..and he got to chat with some other parents.  Then on Sunday a parent of one of the kids in Elijah’s class called, asking him to come over and play.  I’m not ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We aleady had plans, so it was a no.  But, I don’t know when there will be a yes and I don’t know when I’ll/we’ll be ready to leave any of our kids at a birthday party without us.  Parenthood is SOOO difficult. 


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