The Newest Revelation

I don’t think there is anything that hasn’t gone wrong with this apartment anymore.  A few days ago one of the two breakers in our electrical box kept tripping and putting us completely in the dark.  Then finally around bedtime on Wednesday night, it gave out and couldn’t be flipped back on.  So, our trip to BA on Thursday to try and clear up the name complications with my DNI(AR document) were thrown out the window and we waited around for the electrician Brian called to stop in.  He stopped in, said he’d be back in an hour, he was back in 3 or so and then found the short in one of the wires.  It was in the bathroom.  And so maybe there was a short in there from Tuesday when our upstairs neighbor turned on the waterpump to pump the water up to the tank on top of their place….and forgot about it and left to pick up their daughter from school.  The water was overflowing from the tank for about 20 minutes.  And we had water trickling into our bathroom from two holes….one’s a vent in the ceiling and the other a hole in the wall for electrical wiring purposes.   So, the guy came back today to get everything rewired and we are back in business with even an extra light working over the couch that hasn’t worked for like a year now.  Oh, but our tv doesn’t work, it apparently got fried from all that breaker flipping(there is a possibility of it getting fixed).  And all this really didn’t bother me…..and these may possibly be some reasons. 

A. I don’t expect anything less from this place anymore…..everything has fallen apart in this apartment….except for the walls.  (And we are still looking and PRAYING to find a new place for us to rent.)
B. God’s Grace 
C. While the lights were out all morning, I was distracted by how much I hate how certain things are taught or not being taught to Malachi at school…..homework for a 6 year old should NEVER take 2 hours, and it isn’t even a language issue!!!!!!!!  It makes me want to home-school.  I really wish I fully understood the Philosophy of Education at this school.  Brian and I will meet with his teacher in the near future, but I have to get all my thoughts together first and then translate them into Spanish and then hope that we understand what all she’ll say back to us. BTW, his teacher is great….but everything is just different…and I wish I fully understood how it is different!!!
D.  Maybe, just maybe God brought the excitement of a new revelation to me to distract me….we’ve discovered Brian is not an INFJ personality like we thought….he is in fact an ENFJ.  The guy is an extrovert.  And this new revelation makes me fall in love with him all over again.  I know, it sounds weird, but our team has been discussing each of our personalities for a few months now, and the INFJ just never really fit Brian, but I couldn’t exactly figure out why……and so through some discussing and talking and realizing Brian talks outloud about everything….his thoughts, his ideas….to himself, to me, to anyone who will listen…..and the guy meets people wherever we go, and influences and encourages people and empathizes with people and loves people and would help anyone who needed it if there is any possible way he can.  And so…..the restlessness I was having about him being an INFJ is finally at peace.  My relationship with him makes sense again…….and I’m thankful for this revelation and all the conversations and growth our relationship will have because of it.  


One thought on “The Newest Revelation”

  1. The daily trials that you overcome make you my hero.  And so glad that you are still learning about your spouse AND that it makes you love him even more.  Sorry about the school frustration…I will pray that you can understand her Spanish. 

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