My Boys

Our sweet, sensitive little guy spilled his heart out to me at bedtime.  He was sad and mad that Ellie and Em didn’t want to play with him today, but played with Violeta and many other girls at recess.  Violeta had a hula hoop….so, what kid wouldn’t want to play with her?  He talked himself through how sad he was….and then told me when he was walking by himself on the sidewalk and two other kids asked him what happened, he just pouted more and walked away.  And then said, but “Mama, I knew Jesus was with me, he’s ALWAYS with me.”   He said he didn’t want Violeta to bring that hula hoop to school anymore, because he wants Em and Ellie to play with him.  He asked how to tell her not to bring it again, Malachi proceeded to tell him what to say to her in Spanish.  Then a few minutes later Elijah says, “you know it did look like lots of fun.  I want to play with them too.And girls are kind, maybe she’ll let me play too. How do I ask her to play too?”  Malachi told him what to say in Spanish….and gave a mini-language lesson on using vos if it is only one person and ustedes if it is more than one person.   My amazing Malachi boy,   

The lesson in all this, at first I tried to solve it for him, then I stepped back and  just listened and he talked and talked and talked and 15 minutes later he solved the problem all by himself.  I have some amazing boys.


5 thoughts on “My Boys”

  1. Oh, I love this story.  How cool that they are helping each other with friendship problems and language.  Our kids are growing up so fast.  I’m thankful you were able to “see” this happen tonight.  

  2. Love this! So glad we could hear about this, too. I forget sometimes that boys have strong emotions too…I know Knox does, but I don’t hear them the same way my girls express them. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Wow, love this. We’re dealing with personality issues too which is so new to me. This story is really encouraging. Thanks for writing this down and sharing it!

  4. oh gosh.  I was writing a post about Em and Ellie being such good girlfriends when you posted this.  But then couldn’t post it.  Because, how sad.  I hate when one of the kids gets left out.  It’s really cool how he worked it out.  And how you were able to see that it was happening and step back.  He’s such a sweet, sensitive guy.  He’s lucky to have you for a mom.  (and Chi for a big brother šŸ™‚ 

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