Nighttime at Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires





The Ghosts of Brian and Tara

Brian and Tara


3 thoughts on “Nighttime at Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires”

  1. wow, will you tell us how you accomplished the photos of you two on the bench where you’re transparent? I would love to know your secrets if you’re willing to share. Thanks!

    1. You have to have a tripod or set the camera on a stable surface, and use a longer shutter speed….the shot of Brian and I moving is 30 seconds long….15 seconds in each spot. (We could have done it longer and we would have not been as transparent) The aperture needs to be adjusted to the light meter and also the amount of time the shutter is open. We also used a timer, because it was just us, no one else was there to push the button. I can explain more and better in person….so we can experiment with your camera while we’re in MD in December.

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