11th Anniversary

Brian surprised me with a trip to Buenos Aires last Sunday to celebrate our anniversary.  The E’s and the D’s took turns watching our kids. (Thanks so much guys!) And we headed to the city for a day of fun surprises.  First we went to San Telmo, it’s one of the oldest parts of the city and is now known for it’s antique stores and antique fair every weekend.  We had a blast looking around and taking photos(there is a link here).  Then we went to Recoleta (where the famous cemetery is) and walked around the artisan fair there.  What was so wonderful about it is that it isn’t just for tourists, there were a TON of people there, and I heard Spanish more often spoken than English.  And I love to see all the crazy, beautiful, and amazing things people make.  I don’t think I’ll be buying any little wooden ships in lightbulbs, but I did find some jewelry for myself.  We ate lunch outside, spring is coming, and it’s been in the 60’s this last week during the day.  Then we sat on a huge hill and listened to a group of young guys drumming.  The next surprise was a show called Fuerza Bruta(there’s a link here too)…..that I was so skeptical of when we first got in line and I kept asking a gazillion questions.  Brian didn’t answer most of my questions, but I figured this would have to be better than the circus we went to last month, and if only a little bit well then, at least something to mock for years to come.  But it turned out to be pretty amazing and surprisingly fun and we danced and got rained on.  We then made our way around some displays of photographs from people around the world,that was in the same building as the show.  We ate dinner at TGIFriday’s….some yummy ribs and salmon and a delicious mojito and then walked around the old port in B.A. and took some more fun photos.  We had so much fun together, so very much fun.  I wish we could do more things like this more often!


In San Telmo



At Fuerza Bruta




All while standing for the whole performance, we had wind blown at us, paper thrown at us, a tarp waved on us, Brian was kissed on his forehead by one of the performers, and we got rained on.  It was crazy fun.




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