Elijah goes to the Museum

He’s going on his first field trip and I’m really nervous.  Brian convinced me to let him go.  So, off he goes.  We found out about the field trip on Friday and Monday I wrote a note offering to go, because nothing was said about chaperones.  And I got no response back….so I really don’t know how many chaperones they have…..or if only the extra teachers from his school are going or what.  I DON’T KNOW and it is sort of driving me crazy.  I’m praying a lot.  I stuck a piece of paper in his pocket with his name and our numbers.  And told him not to walk off by himself…and I gave him several other instructions.  They are going to the Natural Science Museum here in La Plata, we’ve been to it before.  His class just finished a unit on dinosaurs, so they are going to the museum to see the dinosaur bones.  I don’t think I’d be nearly as worried if this was Malachi’s trip to the museum, but Elijah doesn’t quite speak Spanish as well as his brother yet, and well he doesn’t quite understand it as well, either.  So…..I’m praying a lot.


2 thoughts on “Elijah goes to the Museum”

  1. @crabtrees – It went well!  Some of the extra teachers went and they walked around the museum with a guide, but Elijah doesn’t really know what she said.  🙂  He had a good time and came home exhausted and took a nap before dinner.  Thanks for asking!

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