Calle 32 at Night

We live on a commercial street, with lots of shops and lots of lights….and SIDEWALKS.   Why do I capitalize sidewalks, you may ask, because once you get out of the “beltway” in our city,  there are no consistent sidewalks to walk on, just the road or on the dirt/mud/grass between people’s gated houses and the street.  Or unless you live on a commercial street (like we do) and live outside of the “beltway”(like we do), then you have a sidewalk.  People like sidewalks….they really do.  These are packed every night from 5pm to 9pm, because that is when people go shopping for dinner at the mini-supermarkets,  and butcher shops,  and veggie stands.  This is on the sidewalk outside of our place at about 7pm……and the boys also like riding bikes on the sidewalk.  We like sidewalks!

calle 32

calle 32

calle 32

calle 32

This last photo is at about 11pm, the road still has some cars on it, but there are no people in sight. People are in their homes starting to make dinner. And I just want to say again, WE LIKE SIDEWALKS!


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