My Jeans

I have five pairs of jeans…okay, six…but the sixth pair are work jeans with paint stains and a huge hole in the knee.  I have two that are HUGE on me and fall down even with a belt, they are stashed in the upper levels of my closet.  And then there were three,  two that now have holes in the leg/knee(one that requires a belt ) and of course many loose strings by the hem at the foot.  And until yesterday, I had one pair….that was decent, not much fraying at the bottom, no holes, but then I washed them with new red dish towels, not a very smart choice.  But they are jeans, and I thought they could stand up to red….and now they are pinkish!  PINKISH!!!   SO, one of the things I really look forward to buying when I visit the states are jeans.  I can’t wait….it makes me giddy to think of owning new ones….well, new to me.  The two remaining pairs that fit the best were ebay purchases…Gap Long and Leans.  I’ve already searched ebay for some more, and as we get closer to departure, I’m gonna buy some and send them to a family member who will meet me at the airport with my new jeans…ready to be worn.  I’m so excited!



These are still my favorite….even with it’s new hole.



I like it when jeans fray at the bottom….that means they are well-worn and comfortable and stick with me.

And I’ll keep ’em and still use ’em….but I’m ready for some new ones…squeaky clean and no tears and fraying.


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