Artisan Fairs

I love, love, love artisan fairs.  I really hope to someday be a part of one, somewhere, in some part of the world.  I don’t know what I’d make, I’ve dabbled in crafting many different things through the years, but someday I will perfect something and sell it.  My family visited this plaza yesterday, this is the first time we’ve stopped to check it out, we usually drive by it on the way to taking the boys to their basketball games on Saturdays.   It was an endearing little stop, and I was immediately asked why I was taking photos.  I shared that these were for my photo blog and the lady wanted to know my blog address.  So, even though she can’t understand what I’m writing,  I captured her art for the art challenge for In a Yellow House’s photo challenge.  And there are some shots of my family too, enjoying the park.

Check out what happens on the weekends in other cities around the world…..

Unknown Mami

And check other photos of art….

BWS tips button

plaza sign

art for sale at the artisan fair

knives for sale

middle of the plaza

taking a snack break

my husband, chillin'


shadowy trees

the boys


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