Busy Day!

Today started out with our third smashed car window in the last month.  Brian got it fixed and had the car back in less than two hours.  While he was gone, Zekey was refusing to put his shoes on and hit the mirror in our bedroom and broke a corner off.  That boy, that boy.  We then had some fun at Ellie’s birthday party……



Zekey coloring.



Em and Ellie painted their nails.


She’s 6!!


This is what happened outside our place right before leaving for the kite flying at the boy’s school.  Those motorbikes are crazy dangerous here.  Before we moved here, Brian always said he’d drive one of those once we got down here.  Everyone discouraged him from riding the death trap.  This guy was still alive….and just seemed really scraped up.


Happy Spring Day at school.  It wasn’t quite a consistent enough of a wind to keep the kites up.  But all the parents and kids kept trying.  šŸ™‚




Brian was unknotting Elijah’s string.


She’s SO adorable!


Ellie flying her kite!


The boys and friends chasing some kites.


Elijah and Julian


Elijah and Javier


What a great smile!!


It cracked me up how Scott’s hand is hanging on Brian’s back pocket!  They were going to retrieve the pinecone that some kid took from Zekey and then threw it really far away.


This is the crown Zekey won at Ellie’s party.  He wore it to the kite day, and then took it off and Chi wore it around for awhile. 



And tonight, all three boys started swimming lessons.  They’ll be taking them until we leave for the states.  We figured they should know how to swim since our first week in the states will be at an indoor waterpark for a week of vacation.  Malachi and Elijah LOVED it and listened really well.  Zekey cried some, Brian bribed him with candy and ice cream.  He stayed at the edge and dangled his feet in for awhile.  Every time one of the teacher’s talked to him, he’d make a huge pouty face and start the cry.  It was funny, cute and sad….but at the end he got in the pool at the edge.  He said he liked it, we’re hoping for more progress on Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Busy Day!”

  1. Your pictures are so amazing, Tara.  You make me want to stop posting pictures of my own.    I’m glad the swim lessons went well!  I’m excited for my kids to start.  I think.

  2. really awesome photos!  love that one of Chi with the crown :)I’m so sorry about the window.  so annoying.  I was wondering why our house was rumbling and smelled like gas fumes this morning and looked out the window to see Brian pulling both of your vehicles out.  I hope you guys are able to find some secure parking closer to your house.  because smashed windows are annoying, but walking a half mile to get your car in the morning to avoid smashed windows- ugh.  and wow, Deb outdid herself with that cake!  impressive!

  3. Really great pictures Tara. You do a great job of capturing emotion on faces and for those of us watching from across the world, that is really important šŸ™‚ It feels a little bit like we are there. So thank you šŸ™‚ 

  4. I agree with Jessi about the pictures.  So sorry about the smashed windows.  Wow.  Also Deb’s cakes (castle and ship) were amazing.  Oh and wow…a water park sounds amazing totally fun.  

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