Macro Friday

All week I’ve been posting Spring-y photos and today is the same.  We are SO glad to have green leaves popping up on trees, and greener grass, and lots of new blooms.  It’s like the city is coming back alive, and you see more people outside enjoying the warmer weather.  I love it!   Here are some more blooms from my backyard.  I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but it is beautiful.(Do you any of you have any idea??)  I love this macro lens photo challenge, I’m learning so much more about how to use it….thank-you Laura for hosting Macro Friday!

backyard bloom

And here are some other shots I took in the backyard………….

backyard bloom

leaves on tree in backyard

13 thoughts on “Macro Friday”

  1. Thats beautiful – it looks like its a cherry blossom of some type or a malus blossom. You must be in the southern hemisphere is its the beginings of Spring. I always look forward to Spring after our scottish winters.

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