Plaza Moreno

The city of La Plata is a planned city that was built in the late 1800’s and is the capital of the Buenos Aires Province.  It is shaped like a square with two main diagonals running north to south and east to west.   The diagonals meet in the center of the city at Plaza Moreno.  At opposite ends of Plaza Moreno are two important buildings, a neo-gothic style cathedral and City Hall.  Today I took photos of this plaza and these beautiful buildings.   Check out other cities around the world at…..

Unknown Mami

City Hall

Evita Peron

branches in Plaza Moreno

Statues representing the four seasons.

otono (autumn)

invierno (winter)

primavera (spring)

verano (summer)

The Cathedral

trees with cathredral in background

The Cathedral

So tall
figures on cathedral

pointed arch

Cathedral with trees


12 thoughts on “Plaza Moreno”

  1. Those are outstanding pix! The composition is superb (not that I know a whole lot about it). Have you studied photography? Or are you naturally gifted? Or maybe both?

  2. wow, Tara. you’d think that once you’ve seen photos of the cathedral, you’ve seen them all. but wow, these are really, really good.
    I think someday, maybe you’ll get paid for your photos!

    and what a cool link up.

    1. These shots I sharpened up and saturated the color a bit. That’s all I did with these. That’s usually what I do with my other photos too….or I de-saturate them to go for a more washed out look. I’m just getting more into photo editing and learning about it all. So, soon I’ll be playing around more with adding layers and what not.

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