I’m just a broken record player………

Things I find myself saying over and over again these days……


No roaring at the table.


No getting up and running around while eating.


Sit on your bottom while eating and no playing with toys while you eat.


No calling each other stupid or bad or que malo que sos (the spanish equivalent of calling each other bad).


Ignore everyone else while you are doing your work, I know you hear them but try not to interact with them. (to Malachi while doing homework or English work….HOLY COW, it’s not so much distractability as it is that he is an extrovert and wants to be involved with everything that is going on at anytime in the same room he’s in!  Once the room is cleared, he’s FINE!)


What do you find yourself repeating these days???????



10 thoughts on “I’m just a broken record player………”

  1. “Miles, I can not listen to you unless you talk to me in a kind voice.””Miles, make good decisions.””Miles, don’t sit on Gilli’s head.  That’s not kind.”Oh my.  The list can go on and on.  I feel your pain.  πŸ™‚

  2. Great post! Some things I’m ready to take out of my vocab: “I said no.” “go sit at the table please.” “Do not wipe your nose on the furniture” “Watch out for Maddi”I love that you have to tell them not to call each other names in English and Spanish. I cannot wait to see you guys and play games with your boys!!

  3. Annabel, it is not very polite to make jokes about gas.Annabel, it is not very polite to make jokes about the potty.Annabel, it is not very polite to make jokes about bottoms.No sweetie, your bottom can not tell a joke.

  4. Ok Theo, it was funny the first two times, now it’s not funny.Josie, make the choice to listen and obey.Josie, put your feet down.Wrigley, let me be the parent.  Theo, please sit down while you’re eating.  *Mine don’t seem as funny or funny at all.  

  5. Here is a variation that happened last week:Me: Annabel, we don’t joke about poo poo.Annabel: (Angelically) OK Momma….Can we joke about phones?Me: Sure sweetie.Annabel:  THE PHONE HAS TO GO POO POO!!! HAA HAA HAA!!!Me: Sigh.

  6. I have a similar one to Sarah’s: I’m the mommy, not you! (to both my older kids, but especially the oldest). Also: Sit down in your seat before you fall. AND I’m really not sorry you fell because you were goofing off! Eat another bite, please (well, sometimes without the please!) – that phrase is probably said more than any other…

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