This morning while I showered, I put in the movie Beauty and the Beast for the boys to watch for a little bit.  Malachi didn’t want to watch it.  WHAT???  The boy who will sit in front of a tv and watch ANYTHING that is on it.  He said he didn’t like Beauty and the Beast.  Instead he sat on the couch in the playroom, all by himself and read a Spanish book out loud.  


Today he went with me to the Hora Feliz and chatted away with the older boys there.  He followed them around, one of them had a new, really cute puppy and a group of boys kept running with that new pup….Malachi included.  He makes himself belong wherever we go.  


Tonight he wanted me to read some of Deb’s stories for bedtime, but it was late and they’d had a really long day(while the girls did a craft, some of the boys came over to play the Wii with Brian….and of course, Elijah and Malachi played with them too.)  I told him I would read some of the stories tomorrow.  He came up with the idea that he wanted me to read the stories to him while he eats breakfast.  Then told me I could plug the computer into one of the two plugs by the table so that he can eat his cereal and I can sit at the computer and read to him.  LOL!  This kids always has a plan!


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