Sundays in my city

Here’s a few things that happened around here this weekend.


I love when my boys draw out what goes on in their imaginations.  Here’s some of the things they’ve drawn this weekend.

The littlest….

my youngest

The middlest…..

my middle guy

The biggest……

my oldest guy


Yesterday was a fun craft day with some girls in my community.  We made stained-glass votive candle holders and the girls LOVED it!

votive candle holders

votive candle holders

Click below and see what goes on in other cities around the world.

Unknown Mami


8 thoughts on “Sundays in my city”

  1. Oh my goodness what creative kids you have! I used to love to draw and color..funny how we let those things go as we get older. Im tempted to buy myself a set of crayons and some blank paper! love the votives!!!

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