My Babywearing Days

I’m linking up to Adventures in Babywearing a call to action over baby slings.

My babywearing days have been over for about a year now. I didn’t start using a sling until my third little guy was born.  And at first it was out of necessity, Malachi turned three a week after Zekey was born and Elijah was 22 months.  I’d walk pretty much everyday to go fetch our mail at the post office and then for a walk on the boardwalk…..yes, it was as delightful as it sounds.  The two older boys would ride in the double stroller and Zekey would ride in the sling.  The necessity of the sling breeded a LOVE for having my littlest guy so close to me.  I wished I would have used one with the other guys.  When Zekey was 5 months old we moved, and were homeless for awhile…traveling and preparing to move out of the country.  The sling kept him safe during many a shopping trip and church service.  He napped so well in it when we were away from his crib.  And then we moved to another country and used public transportation everywhere, slinging him was the SAFEST place to be.  And then we moved to yet another country and a friend passed down her Ergo baby carrier(with the instructional DVD).  And I LOVED it.  Zekey was about 20 months then and the Ergo was so comfortable for me and more comfortable for him since he was a big 20 month old.  He again was much safer in that than walking hand in hand next to me as we figured out how to live and shop in another country. 

These just so happen to be the ONLY shots I have of Zekey in the sling…ahem….Why didn’t I take more pictures????  And I don’t any shot of him in the Ergo….not one…sniff, sniff. 


His little face is covered here to protect him from the sun…..and the weight of his body is resting on my legs.  Yes, he was safe. 


My mom and stepdad renewed their wedding vows for their 25th wedding anniversary.  See Zekey’s face peeking out?


Whenever we visited anyone’s house, the safest place for him to be was in the sling, not crawling around on the floor!


I was catching up with a friend while visiting her church.  And look at my little guy all snuggled up and asleep! 



If I have more babies, there is no doubt I will wear them, too.


P.S.  And many thanks to my good friend Jil who loaned me that sling.  You can find her here.  


5 thoughts on “My Babywearing Days”

  1. I think what you mentioned about figuring out how to shop and live in another country- babywearing does make that so much easier.  Just thinking of taking a stroller places, like in taxi or bus, in Costa Rica- ha!  and even here in Argentina- I don’t think a stroller would even fit in our car πŸ™‚

  2. Tara, you are beautiful.  We are still using your double stroller almost everyday.  I walk to pick Wrigley up from school.  And I use it to follow the big two on bikes.  It’s the only stroller fast enough to keep up.  πŸ™‚  

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