The boys

This last weekend the boys and I walked to a park that is at the end of our street.  And what did the boys spend more time playing on than the playground equipment??

Their spaceships, of course.

 And apparently you can eat this fruit.  I’ll figure out the name sometime.  We have one of these trees (that Chi’s in) in our backyard, when some of the boys from the villa were over the other day to play the Wii with Brian, they said that is fruit to eat.  So they went out in the backyard and picked the little yellow fruits off and ate them.  Brian and all my boys liked it.  It’s my turn next…..I’ll let you know what I think. That one Zekey is holding isn’t ripe yet.

 On our walk home we bought some popsicles……here’s all three enjoying them and SHARING them with each other….unprompted by me.  I love it when that happens.

Elijah likes his so much he’s a little cross-eyed.  🙂

And the boy who can’t stand to have tomato sauce from spaghetti or any sauce really on his face, doesn’t ever seem to notice what happens to his face when he eats ice cream.  It is like this EVERY TIME!

And a little sugar-craze.

Then all three rode bikes for awhile….and they all three fell down at the EXACT same time.  But I missed it by less than a second!!!!!  And no one was hurt, those are the best kinds of falls.


This one is just for fun….

Which Gornik boy do you think it is??



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