The Latest Gornik Boy Favorites

Cereal boxes are all the rage in our household…..whenever one is emptied it is immediately snatched up and taken to the oh so sacred place……

Only the hands of Elijah can touch this collection.


And this one is only Chi’s.


Zekey’s collection, well, let’s just call him the little destroyer.  His cereal boxes only lasted at the most, an hour.


Kinotos, these are a favorite too.  Elijah and Zekey devour them.  They are the size of a cherry tomato and taste like and orangey lemon.  They are refreshingly tasty.


Another favorite is gum.  I usually give it to my kids when I pick them up from school.  Some how this piece ended up on the table with the teeth.  I didn’t even ask, I’m assuming Zekey, but really this could have been any of the boys.  I’m sure one of them wanted to know what it felt like to chew the gum with the fake teeth in their mouth. 



There are new spaceships built everyday….EVERYDAY.  There is much time spent on this activity, and trading, and arguing, and zooming and saving.  is also a favorite.  They all three sit there and listen to Malachi read. Or watch Elijah navigate through the alphabet. 


Another favorite is eating anything sweet….isn’t that a favorite of most people.  πŸ™‚ 

Malachi made these truffles in school yesterday.  They made them in their English classes….they’ve been doing special activities all week in English classes.   Look real close, the kid has dulce de leche ALL over his face and arms. 


3 thoughts on “The Latest Gornik Boy Favorites”

  1. What wonderful stories.  My kids love to visit the recycling bin during play.  Yesterday I found baby dolls sleeping on cardboard smashed boxes.  They’ve made robots out of empty plastic jugs.  πŸ™‚

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