It’s great to hang out as just friends…..

The girls and all the kids spent a few hours hanging out today.  It really is refreshing to hang out with friends.  Jil made some amazing pizza and an amazing salad!  And Deb made some fresh salsa….yummy!!  I like that my friends are really good cooks.  My tummy always leaves satisfied when I eat at their houses.  The kids had a blast playing together, too. 




A rare quiet moment…..seriously awesome how they were still all by each other but doing various things.

Some chalk fun:



 Those are Lucy’s little footprints! 

And the wee ones actually let me stick a camera in their faces, the big kids don’t like it so much anymore….or just ignore me.  🙂

Greta’s photo shoot, there would have been more, but they were all too blurry!  She was still waking up from a nap and not as expressive but still SO adorable!


And there’s Lucy’s photo shoot….she’s so fun to photograph.  She’s at such an expressive age and well, she stays a little bit more still than all the other kids(except for Greta) and she lets me take pictures of her.






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