He cuts our grass.

We are currently a family without animals.  The last few days my boys have been BEGGING me for pets, they want a variation of cats and dogs.  I do hope someday, somewhere we’ll own a pet.  I had numerous cats and dogs growing up and loved having them.  And Brian and I have had 4 dogs through the years.  One of them was around when we started having kids, but then we moved and began a life of many moves to end up where we are at today in Argentina, and have been petless for over four years now.  I do have some photos to share of a little visitor in our backyard.  We call him our lawnmower.  He’s dropped off a few days during the week to eat the grass in our backyard.  We’ve been in this place for 4 1/2 months, and have a plan to fence in the backyard, but haven’t been able to do it yet.  Our yard has several other people’s yards backing into it, and the fencing is in terrible shape, so someone, from somewhere drops off this little miniature pony in our backyard to eat.  I see him other days, grazing in other people’s yards.  Evidently it isn’t a big deal here, it doesn’t at all bother me now, it will once we have a fence up.  But for now, we enjoy the little visitor.  And I guess I should mention, that while living in the city it is very common to see horses used everyday, especially on horse carts.  I don’t really know what the owner of this little guy does with him….but feed him.

This shot I took yesterday:


These shots are from a few weeks ago:


Elijah feeding the pony

Malachi feeding the pony

Malachi feeding the pony


5 thoughts on “He cuts our grass.”

  1. How funny! And how convenient! This is the kind of pet my dad likes – one that you can admire and enjoy, but it sleeps at someone else’s house. And your boys get to love on a pony in the meantime.

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