As Christ followers, we are appointed to go and bear fruit.  This photo isn’t of fruit that will last, but as we obey God’s commands, his fruit in our life will last and that’s the kind of fruit that shows others that we are his followers.  And as we obediently follow him, our hearts’ desire nothing else except what he wants.  And then he gives us whatever we ask for in his name, because it is according to His Will.  The more years I follow Christ, the more challenging it becomes to obey his commands, they are not easy, they cannot be followed without his Spirit, they are impossible to follow on my own will, and it is then that I realize how much more of my own will I still need to surrender to Him.  I desire to bear His fruit,  but I have to surrender my own will and follow Him and his commands.  He never said it would be easy and I’ve learned it isn’t.   But my time here isn’t about me, and what I want, IT IS about eternity and I pray the fruit he produces in my life lasts for all eternity.



14 thoughts on “Fruit-Bearers”

  1. Thats lovely as a gardener myself it reminds me of a fruit tree which needs pruned and when pruned it produces much more fruit than if it was unpruned.

    Jesus prunes back those bad habits of ours and just like a gardener prunes out weak branches He too prunes out the weaknesses and dead wood we have in parts of our lives so that some day we can produce much more abundant fruit for him.

    1. Thank you, what a beautiful reminder. I really want to learn gardening some day, there are so many agricultural spiritual truths that I think I may understand even better if I could get my hands in it and experience with my senses.

  2. Amen, my friend! It is tough at times to be a follower of Christ…but He made that clear! Our world is so tempting and selfish that I find it really hard to not conform to it a lot of times. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. I love the part of the verse that says HE chose me; my old sinful nature would have never wanted to seek HIM out. This is beautiful thanks for sharing.
    Joining you at Katie’s.

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