Playing ketchup……

The statuses that never made it to facebook………

1. Don’t ask my children to speak Spanish to you unless you can participate in a conversation with them.

2. Why do car issues always seem to find us on vacation?  

3. Yes, my eyes did fill with tears when I entered the grocery store for the first time.  The choices…..I almost forgot there is so much prepackaged food in the states.

4. Most pre-packaged food tastes pretty nasty.  

5.  Why thank you, sweet old greeter man at the Calvert County, MD Wal-Mart…..I sure hope I do look lovelier than the last time you saw me….two years ago.

6.  Yes, really, my kids speak Spanish.  No, they won’t speak to you in Spanish.  

7. Who knew shopping at Goodwill….all by myself…..driven there all by myself……would be the most relaxing thing I’ve done in the last two years?

8.  I love that I still know all the back roads in Calvert County.  The turns and curves are never surprising.

9. I have been thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Christmas…..with cold weather in a cozy, warm house.


2 thoughts on “Playing ketchup……”

  1. Sorry about #2.  I’m so glad for you and #9.  I’ve heard #4 from some other missionaries too.  And so glad you got to visit Goodwill alone.  In a moment of forgetting reality I took Josie Christmas shopping……I came home with a stomach ache and a head ache.  

  2. Sometimes I actually have dreams about driving the back roads of Roanoke.  I used to aimlessly drive all the time.  I love that you remember your old roads.  There is something familiar and warm about it.

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