Halfway to High School

Last week Malachi and I were talking about his upcoming birthday and he asked me how old he’ll be when he starts high school.  I told him he’s halfway there, he was thrilled.  I’m not so thrilled.  He’s growing up so quickly, so very quickly.  Today he said when he grows up he wants to be an ice cream man, a lego builder, and an artist….first he’ll use crayons, then markers, then paint.  He’s the boy with a plan.  He likes to think ahead and that kid has an amazing attention span when he’s following a lego book or following the directions to build something with the erector set.  He’s determined and persistent.  And oh my does that boy squirm when I want him to sit down and read…..the reading does happen, but his little body never stops moving.  We’re so very proud of him. 

Here’s some shots of our 7 year old from the last several months:









4 thoughts on “Halfway to High School”

  1. Wow he is looking so much more grown up.  Seven has always seemed to me like the age they really hit big kidhood.  I can’t believe that’s this year for us already.  We really can’t wait to be around you guys again.  My kids miss their friends.

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