We’ve eaten a lot of cake this week.

It’s been a fun week.  Last Tuesday we celebrated Zekey’s birthday with cake and ice cream.




Then a few days later we had a party with friends and family.  It was a robot theme……



 We played pin the arms on the robot. And a robot dancing game….and hot bot (hot potatoe) and robot says (Simon Says).


And had a robot building contest with legos.





And ate more cake.


Then today we had more cake together as a family for Malachi’s birthday. 

 All that sugar is making us all a bit crazy. 


4 thoughts on “We’ve eaten a lot of cake this week.”

  1. Mmmm…cake.  Those chocolate covered cakes look amazing.  And the robot cake is adorable!  And the pin the arm robot, too.  And lego building!  You guys always do the best party games.  This looks like it was an awesome party.  

  2. I’m sorry I’m so behind on commenting.  I’ll do a post soon and fill everyone in on crazy-land that is here right now.  🙂   But I love the robot cake!!  The lollipop legs were brilliant!  I did a robot cake for Miles a few years ago and wish it had lollipop legs.  Happy celebrating birthdays!  Also, we need a belly picture soon!!!

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