Lots of Visiting…….

We’ve had a busy week of doctors appointments and museum zooming. 

A few days ago we went to the Calvert Marine Museum.  I haven’t been there for years, it’s changed and gotten better.  And it’s a great little place of Calvert County History and environmental beauty.  As a girl or tween, this is the kind of place I’d probably make fun of for having the kind of activities it has…..but as a mom, I’d love to take my boys to activities like boat building or shark feeding or you know…anything educational that would totally captivate their interest.  It’s such a cool place.  My dad has taken off this week, so we are doing lots of fun stuff together.  I have some pictures to share.


This is the Drum Point Lighthouse, used for many years on the Patuxent River.  We walked up it, it was a real house, with real rooms and awesome antique furniture.


They touched a turtle and saw real sting rays and eagle rays and we saw a starfish eat a mussel and we saw a sea slug. 


They sailed the great seas. 


And almost got eaten by sea monsters, but Pop-pop protected them.


They wanted to take an otter home as a pet.  Otter’s are really playful animals….and so entertaining.  I have lots of stories of them from visiting my Nana and Pop-pop’s….seriously….we’d sit up at their bay window and watch them and all their silly ways.


We climbed the Lighthouse and made silly faces.

And serious faces.


 And smiley faces…oh the contrary third child. 


And just because…



We also took a visit to Washington D.C. yesterday.  We rode the metro, Elijah didn’t particularly like being underground.  I remember hating that about the metro as a kid too.  We went to three museums….THREE.  This mama was tired.  But it was fun….and crazy busy because of spring break.  Most of my pictures didn’t turn out, but Brian posted a few on facebook.  We went to the Museum of American History to see the trains, cars, and C3PO, and to the Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs, and then to the Air and Space Museum and only had time to check out the space section.  The boys loved it, and zipped thru most parts, but still loved what they saw in spite of their age.  πŸ™‚   In a few days, we’re headed to Baltimore to visit the National Aquarium and the Science Museum.  I LOVE MUSEUMS!


I mentioned we’ve seen lots of doctors.  The boys have gotten shots, been to the dentist with no cavities, and we’re now working our way thru the family to see the eye doctor.  Zekey went Monday and he seems to have my genes……he needs glasses and has a lazy eye, also known as refractive amblyopia.   The glasses will come in next week, I’ll take him back in two weeks and see if his eye corrects itself, if it doesn’t we may have to patch it or use eye drops to blur the good eye to strengthen the weak eye.  I had to do that too….as a five year old.  I really wonder how long these first pair of glasses will last……Zekey is a rough and tumbly kind of kid.  Let a new adventure begin. 


In baby news, I had an ultrasound again last week.  For the fundal height, I was measuring a week smaller and so the doc just wanted to check to make sure all was well.  So I went and found out we’re still having a girl and that baby girl is following the path of her brothers and is gonna be a big baby!  She was measuring 12 days bigger than the original due date of June 22nd.  The doc had changed my due date to June 16th after the first ultrasound and so I have no idea when to expect her, but it apppears she’ll be big.  I went back to the doc today for a check up and my fundal height was still measuring smaller at 30 weeks even though baby girl is measuring much bigger than that.  So, I did some reading on line and the only thing I can come up with is that all that excercising I’m doing is making my stomach muscles tighter so that can throw that measurement off some.  And her head seems to be squished pretty low in my pelvis already.  Thru almost the whole ultrasound her nose was smashed up against the side of my uterus.  This was one of the only shots that it wasn’t.

And here’s me….at 32 weeks…..or 31 weeks…..depending on which due date to use.  πŸ™‚


Nesting is kicking in.  But the form is a little different than usual, I just want to pack and get it all organized for leaving in May. 







One thought on “Lots of Visiting…….”

  1. It’s so cool that you guys are so close to all these amazing museums.  What a fun way for the boys to spend time with your dad.  Love that ultrasound pic, too.  We never got any good face ones like that with our kids.  Can’t wait to meet this little girl!

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