Breakin’ it in the snow and slime

This whole week the boys have off.  I was rather sad they got out on the 23rd of December, I was really wishing we had more time before Christmas….but now that we’re here in this first week of January and there’s no school, I’m liking it.  We’ve all been enjoying sleeping in till 8:30 or 9…..wowza.  How will we get back to our 6:45 alarms next week??

Snow and slime were themes for yesterday.  It was the first snow that actually had some accumulation….HA…okay it was like an inch, but it was enough to get all wrapped up and play in.   The stream in the back of the house got played in too,  I think it’s been missing those boys since it’s gotten colder.  They didn’t let it down, they had to change from winter boots to shoes to rainboots.  And then finally just come in and stay because their snowpants got wet.  But they are all washed and dried and waiting for the next snow….if only it would happen again this week.  But it’s supposed to warm up here, maybe we’ll take a trip to the outdoor gardens at the Art Musuem.  Back to snow….

Laney and I watched from inside…..

We broke out a new recipe….thanks to Sarah and her winter to-do list with her three little boys, you can find her here.

Slime ingredients…….

Wow, was this fun….and messy….and so slimy!

SO satisfying…….they LOVED it!  And I did too.  It was that same kind of sensory satisfaction I get out of playing with slimy pumpkin seeds.  This recipe will stick around for awhile….and I envisioned future alien movies these boys will make…..requesting to make this slime to use as part of their costume and set design.


One thought on “Breakin’ it in the snow and slime”

  1. haha – love it! those faces are the best! you know, we haven’t gotten around to making it yet. after some bouts of the stomach flu over break, i had enough slime for awhile 🙂 but, i’m thinking it’d be a great martin luther king jr. day project…

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