The Great Merge

Well, I’ve succumbed.  My first blog that I began over 5 years ago will now be moved here…to this space.  I liked that other place and all my friends who used to be a part of it.  But it isn’t so user friendly anymore, and all those friends have moved on so it’s time for me to move on, too.  Bye, bye Xanga.  I did enjoy you while it lasted.

I will continue to sharpen my photography skills here….and this spring I hope to begin a photography business.  All the learning that has to take place will be practiced here.

It’s a new beginning.  Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “The Great Merge”

  1. Welcome to this part of blog world. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) your ever enjoyable view on life. I can’t wait for you to start your photography venture…and to learn from you too. Happy New Year!

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