4 out of 6

There are more readers in our family than not.  And Zeke is quickly trying to get on the bandwagon.  I just finished reading Charlotte’s Web to the boys….one of my favorites from when I was a 2nd grader.  And I just finished reading them Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  They loved it, and it was an enjoyable read for my first go around too.  Malachi just finished his first chapter book, it was the first of the Boxcar Children series.   And Brian is almost finished reading them The Hobbit.   I love finding them in corners of the house hunkering over a book.  The bedtime ritual now includes bedside lamps on and books in hand…and reading from the older two and just looking from the younger.

A project came from this world of celebrating imagination…..

First, a purchase from the goodwill outlet….I paid 69 cents per pound for these.  I spray painted some green and some blue.

I scoured our book shelves for book jackets.

And framed them and hung them up.

These are some of our favorites….we have a lot of favorites.  I LOVE KIDS BOOKS.

It’s a perfect little corner to curl up in…..but usually I find kids curled up in the corner not in the chair.  For now this is the only chair in this room, someday that rocking chair won’t be lonely anymore and will have a large overstuffed comfy chair for some company.


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