New Skills

I have a sewing machine.  It’s awesome.

Brian got it for me for Christmas LAST YEAR.   He was so excited to give it to me he had me open it like 10 days before Christmas.  It was a great gift.   But because of all the crazy traveling we did all winter last year and all the traveling we did in the spring and then moving back to Argentina….and then several months later back to the states, I could never summon my creative juices to sit down and learn something new.  And, well, I did have a baby in there, too.  So, several months ago, as we got settled in Indiana, I was suddenly motivated to begin to use it.  I had to…..every one of the 18 windows in the house we’re living in needed some kind of window covering.   My quest for learning to make curtains begun…after I bought sheets on clearance at Target and other clearanced curtains and bedskirts  and scrounged up ones I already owned.  It’s been a great adventure, making myself read the instructional manual was THE MOST DIFFICULT PART.   I hate reading instructions, but it was a necessary evil and well, now there are a plethora of words that have been added to my vocabulary, that counts for something, right?  I suppose knowing how to operate the machine counts for something too.

And I’ve since moved on to making pillows and name banners and a doll for Laney.  (pictures of those to come later)




And here’s the magic maker…..


Kitchen (pillow cases)


Family room (those were King Sized sheets I got for a dollar at Wal-mart last year.)


More sheets in the room with the books.


Another sheet we’ve had for years….in the boys’ room.


More sheets in Brian and I’s room.


And Laney’s room…….a curtain split and a bed skirt added on.


Very simple but now when I feed Laney in the middle of the night I don’t look out the dark window hoping I never see eyes looking back at me.



6 thoughts on “New Skills”

  1. Love your creativity, i like to sew also but haven’t. had a machine for a long time. I used to make matching clothes for the kids when they were little.

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