Project 52 Week 1: Resolution

I’ve resolved to get chores started with our boys this year…..more than just cleaning up their toys or making sure their room is tidy when friends come to visit, or carrying in groceries from the car.  This week they’ve started to help put dishes in the dishwasher, and set, clear, and clean the table and sweep.  This weekend they’ll start cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming……it’s wonderful and exhausting all at the same time.   It’s often much easier just doing it myself, but now that there are so many more of us in this family of ours…I need their help and Brian and I both value them learning it.  I think there may be future thanks given to us by their wives…he he.   And the incredible thing is there was no complaining at all when we introduced the idea and started.  I know, I’m not expecting that to last, but when there is future complaining I will think back to these first few weeks and how excited they’ve been to help and in wanting to look at our chore chart and see what they have to do each day.

I’m also resoluting(yes, I realize I’m making that up) to get better at photography……..and to learn how to use photoshop.  These shots aren’t anything special, just picking up the camera to mark the beginning of a new era in our family.  But I’m excited to have a weekly challenge with Project 52.  And I’m happy to be a part of it too because Darcy has three sons also and she’s already taught me a ton about how to better use my camera thru her 31 Days posts.  Thanks Darcy for starting this project!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

One thought on “Project 52 Week 1: Resolution”

  1. I wholeheartedly applaud your efforts at training your sons! Yes, I’m sure you will be thanked one day by their wives. I’m also a believer that it is good for family dynamics – I tell my kids, you lived in this house too, you can help clean it up! I’m looking forward to the photo challenge as well!

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